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Choosing the right partners from IT markets

All of us needs partners to support our own corporate's goals. The key is finding a right way to communicate and open communication. Also how you calculate the TCO and what are metrics which should be measured when defining the success. Choosing the right partner and making the everyday life work is an important part of that journey. We'll help you to keep your communication prompt and on time.

Global IT shipments even to your own office

Understanding how IT markets work: What are the lead and shipment times. How the pricing is affected by the volume and consolidated buying. Finding the right balance between stock level, own factory model and get that to support your company goals all need open communication and willingness to learn new ways to work. Savings or / and gaining can be done when all the pieces of the value chain are on the table. 

Customized projects to fill your needs

Corporates are different and so is our way of working with them. We want to work with you and for you. One size does not fit for all when choosing the model how we should serve your company and team. There is no need to invent a wheel again, but this does not mean that some IT industrial specific standards should be ignored: Volume still works for better pricing and better availability and make it easier to get global support when that is needed.

Accelerate your corporate's digitization

Data is the new oil sounds like a cliche but nevertheless it is also true. The way your corporate collects, handles and analyzes data before making new decisions is crucial. How to use data is a more strategic decision which needs continuous learning alongside. After that technical decisions can be made. Edge, IOT, data centers, smart devices, AI and deep learning are just tools. Success needs first focus  

to business decisions fundamental and after that technics. One thing is sure, start learning today.

Corporate IT operations are build on communication between IT department, sourcing and finance.

Let's meet when it is needed.

IT reporting for budgeting and planning the future.

Understanding your business

Together we have over 100 years of experience of international corporate customers - Their IT needs and procurement goals. In today's world everybody has their own KPI's, so finding the right IT Procurement Solution means communication and trust.

Coffee is important part of succesful IT projects.

Partners are important

There are many stakeholders around the table when finding the right solution to your company. Stakeholders are your different corporate departments and processes. Choosing the products or logistic partner is important to keep the process effective. 

Data-centers and global networks needs solid sourcing and execution with shipments.

Solutions are complex

The execution has to be reliable and robust so everybody knows their tasks and targets. One wrong number in order process or invoice can make the whole chain of efforts collapse. That is the reason why we at Professional Solutions strive to understand "The big picture" and also take care of the details. We have shipped servers and networking devices for data centers all over the world.

Daas and Saas

"Everything as a service" is now the latest trend. Let's talk about your needs and the real possibilities in the market right now and start discussions from there.

Fulfilment services

When you know what you want from IT Markets, let us take care of the routines of the product search, buffer stocking, pre-installations and so on. Your IT department and sourcing people can then concentrate to develop your own business goals. 

Let's open a dialoque

The successful relationship needs communications to build mutual understanding about the current needs. We want to help you. If we cannot help you, we'll search other option for you to carry on. 

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